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Lois Kellerman has been active in Ethical Culture for twenty years. Ethical Culture is a religious and educational movement with twenty three communities in the United States. It was founded more than a century ago and is dedicated to creating a more humane world. Toward this end it founded the Visiting Nurses Assoc. and the first Workingman's School (now the respected Fieldston Academy). It was involved in the formation of the N.A.A.C.P. and many other serious ventures in character development and social reform. Through its religious communities it offers life-span learning opportunities in relationship-building and spiritual development.

Lois has worked with the pioneering ethicist Lawrence Kohlberg, serving as an officer of the Harvard-based Association for Moral Education. She co-chaired the Columbia University Moral Education Seminar and served on an international steering committee of the Religious Education Association, helping to explore how adults manage change and growth in their central beliefs. Lois was a major consultant for the 20/20 piece "Dear God" which explored children's responses to big ideas.

Prior to entering Ethical Culture Leadership she worked as an English Teacher, social worker, and clinic coordinator.

For twelve years Lois was Leader (pastor) of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture. She has worked on many national growth and education committees. She works on a team that trains all incoming professional Leaders in the Ethical Culture movement. She conducts workshops in ethical philosophy and spearheaded a fourteen year study of core commitments linked to the question, "How should we live out lives?". The result of this last effort was a document called "Eight Commitments of Ethical Culture" which was affirmed by the National Council of Leaders of the American Ethical Union in 1994.

Since moving with her husband to California she has focused on writing, performing life passage ceremonies, conducting workshops, and public speaking.

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